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EatEnjoy is a unique blend of enzymes which supports the healthy digestion of dairy products

Designed and created by food scientists for people with lactose intolerance


What is Lactose?

Lactose is a sugar commonly found in dairy products which many people find difficult to digest. The body’s inability to effectively break down the sugars in lactose is because of a lack of the right digestive enzyme – lactase. It’s a genetic fact that many people just don’t produce enough lactase enzyme to cope with dairy products.

EatEnjoy has a unique blend of enzymes

EatEnjoy is a unique blend of enzymes, including lactase, specially formulated to break down the sugars that make dairy foods and drinks so difficult to digest and protease which targets milk proteins such as casein.

In the US, EatEnjoy Dairy is known as Dairylytic®. Numerous in vitro studies have shown the superior ability of Dairylytic to break down both the lactose and proteins present in dairy quickly and efficiently over a 90-minute time period under the physiological conditions of the body.