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Like to enjoy the foods you love again?

Do you wish you could eat gluten rich foods again like bread, pasta, pizza, cakes and biscuits but just cannot face the unpleasant effects of gluten sensitivity? Why not try EatEnjoy Gluten?

While not suitable for coeliacs, it is estimated that up to 13% of the UK population may be sensitive to gluten. Some people are aware of their problem and others live unaware that their bodies do not digest gluten efficiently. The human body has trouble digesting gluten and in some people this can result in unpleasant symptoms which may include:

Stomach pain

Bloated feeling

Irritable bowels




Ear ringing

Weight gain



Skin rashes


Your body needs the right enzymes to digest gluten

Scientists believe that one of the causes of gluten sensitivity or intolerance is the body’s inability to effectively break down the proteins in gluten because of a lack of the right digestive enzymes. EatEnjoy is a unique blend of enzymes specially formulated to break the protein bonds that make gluten so difficult to digest.

How Your Body Digests Gluten

Without the right enzymes your body finds it very difficult to digest gluten. Undigested gluten proteins can trigger the immune system and cause gluten sensitivity.

Created by Experts

The Pharmavita team are experts with many years' experience in the pharmaceutical industry. All of our products are made in state of the art medical-grade production facilities.

Easy to Take Capsule

Easy to swallow capsules packaged in a convenient blister pack which is easy to carry.

Perfectly Safe

Clinical trials in the U.S. demonstrate the safety of EatEnjoy Gluten as a food supplement. It could be just what you need to start enjoying the foods you love again.

EatEnjoy Gluten is Perfectly Safe...

Clinical trials in the U.S. and Serbia showed no adverse reactions to EatEnjoy Gluten together with reduction in the the frequency and severity of symptoms associated with gluten intolerance

In clinical trials in the U.S. and Serbia, EatEnjoy Gluten reduced many of the symptoms experienced with consuming gluten including pain, bloating, emptying of bowels, hunger pains, rumbling of stomach, lower energy levels, headaches, and food cravings.

The American trial, carried out at Kennesaw State University, Georgia, concluded that Glutalytic® (the U.S. name for EatEnjoy Gluten), reduced many of the symptoms that are encountered upon the consumption of gluten.

A 2018 study in Serbia showed statistically significant reductions in stomach pain, flatulence, bowel discomfort, food cravings and energy loss.

The blend of enzymes in EatEnjoy Gluten is uniquely designed to break down gluten proteins faster and more efficiently than existing solutions on the market. EatEnjoy has been designed as capsules for convenience to easily carry in your handbag, purse, pocket or wallet. Ready to use whenever you want to enjoy gluten foods.