Enjoy the foods you love again
with EatEnjoy Dairy

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Enjoy the foods you love again with EatEnjoy Dairy

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Like to enjoy the foods you love again?

Do you wish you could eat and drink dairy products again like milk, cream, butter, cheese and ice cream, but just cannot face the unpleasant effects of lactose intolerance?

Why not try EatEnjoy Dairy?

It is estimated that the level of lactose intolerance across the whole UK population is around 5%, though in some communities it can be much higher, at 95% and above. Some people are aware of their problem and others live unaware that their bodies do not digest lactose efficiently. For many people this can result in unpleasant symptoms which may include:
Abdominal pain
Bloated feeling

Your body needs the right enzymes to digest lactose

Scientists agree that the main cause of lactose intolerance is the body’s inability to effectively break down the sugars in lactose because of a lack of the right digestive enzyme – lactase. It’s a genetic fact that many people just don’t produce enough lactase enzyme to cope with dairy products. EatEnjoy Dairy is a unique blend of enzymes, lactase and protease, specially formulated to help you to enjoy dairy food. Lactase enzyme improves lactase digestion in individuals who have difficulty digesting lactose.