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Join the thousands of people who’ve started to enjoy food again

Every day we get messages from customers who are delighted that they can finally start enjoying the foods they love again.
Now it’s your turn…

EatEnjoy Gluten

Enjoy bread, pasta and pizza again

Do you wish you could eat gluten rich foods again like bread, pasta, pizza, cakes and biscuits but just cannot face the unpleasant effects of gluten sensitivity?

Well, you can again thanks to a revolutionary new food supplement called EatEnjoy Gluten.

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EatEnjoy Dairy

Enjoy milk, cheese, ice cream and butter again

Wouldn’t it be great to eat dairy without worrying?

Now, thanks to EatEnjoy Dairy, you can eat the foods you enjoy including milk, cheese, ice cream, desserts, cream, butter and much more!

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What our customers say

EatEnjoy gluten has been a miracle find for me, I can now eat items containing gluten without being ill for days after and will make traveling so much less stressful.

Thank you once again I can highly recommend EATENJOY and cannot eat properly without them

Since using your product I have been eating brown bread, cake, biscuits also other products containing wheat and no problems. It is a lifesaver and I have recommended it to my daughter who has wheat problems. I can’t thank you enough and have ordered some more today.

Who’s behind EatEnjoy?

A UK-based company supplying innovative food supplements and nutritional products designed to help people live life to the full.


Pharmavita is a UK-based business which searches the world for exciting and innovative food supplements and nutritional products designed to help people live life to the full.

All of its products are made in the state of the art medical-grade production facilities. EatEnjoy Gluten was developed under the name Glutalytic by world-renowned scientists at the US enzyme-supplement specialist Deerland Enzymes.

EatEnjoy has been exclusively developed with Pharmavita as a product specifically designed for European markets.